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‘Turn To Eco-friendly Bags And Save Environment’

Since the advent of industrial revolution in 1760, the developments in economics, finance and society have always been on the rise. Millions of people around the globe got employment resulting into the overall growth of societies and communities in most parts of the world. Mankind progressed tremendously, exploring and exploiting earthly resources. Some of the countries could manage to eradicate poverty while others continued to bear it. Whatsoever the case may be, each of the countries faces the downside of humans’ material progress; pollution. The darker side of various developments has always been ignored. The emergence of huge factories, mills, consumption of massive quantities of coal and other fossil fuels lead to unprecedented air pollution. The large amount of industrial chemical disposals added to the rising load of untreated human waste as well.

Our environment has gone through the blitz of waste generated by factories. There was a time in our country when our people used household items made of wood and cotton. But, gradually we all turned to using artificially made products, adding out bits to the rising pollution. We all are aware that the root cause behind ‘de-beautification’ of our Earth is human beings, yet, we are unable to hold ourselves back from polluting her. For example, the usage of plastic bags is so grounded in our routines that we wouldn’t listen to somebody telling us to stop using it at once. Although plastic bags are cheap and convenient to carry stuffs, their disposal has dire repercussions on environment.

Considering your impulsive usage of plastic bags as well as their impact on our healthy environment, we at Sakar Plastics Industries have found out an adoptable alternative; biodegradable plastic bags. They are eco-friendly, completely harmless to environment and serve all of your purposes.

Biodegradable plastic after disposal quickly breaks down and decomposes underground. It is different from synthetic plastic that does not break down and remains therein causing harm to the soil.

Sakar Plastics Industries, since its inception in 1992, has been encouraging thousands of people to incorporate the use of eco-friendly bags into their daily lives. We manufacture and supply quality eco-friendly biodegradable plastic bags. The major advantages of biodegradable plastic bags are easy functionality, durability and light weight. Biodegradable plastic is produced from renewable resources. Biodegradable bags take lesser amount of time when breaking down after disposal.

We manufacture cent percent eco-friendly products. All the plastic bags and shade nets are fine quality products. We manufacture non-printed bag for loose packing materials. Our bags are manufactured at Sakar Plastics Industries in Ahmadabad and sold across the country under the brand name of ‘Sonal’. Under this brand, we manufacture and supply carry bags, IDPE plastic bags, dairy cheese packaging bags, liner bags, grocery bags, and the bags for packing materials.

By using our environment friendly bags, you will certainly commit to contributing to the protection of our Earth. And this is one of the social services one can easily perform.

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